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Hi there! I’m Caroline. I am the creative behind “You made me ink”. I’m a modern calligrapher taught in pointed pen calligraphy. I create handwritten paper products and signage. I also teach beginner calligraphy workshops for those who love DIY projects like myself!

First and foremost, I am a pediatric nurse and I LOVE my job. However, on my days off I always found myself needing a creative outlet! So naturally when I started learning calligraphy, I fell in love! In 2018, I took a leap of faith and created my own wedding signage and invitations. It was extremely difficult as a beginner but hey, I did it! 2 years (and a lot of practice) later, I am now the creator of “ You made me Ink” and I help brides make their dream weddings become a reality!

Glimpses into Caroline's Life

I’m a Pediatric Nurse and I LOVE it!
I have an Australian Shepherd named Indiana bones or “Indy” for short.
I love all things DIY so I’m always looking to learn something new!
I’m a lover of all things chocolate.
I watch at LEAST an episode of friends a day.
I’m an annual Pass holder at Disney world, and I love finding new things to do at Disney!
On a typical Friday night, you’ll usually find me and my husband in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. We are total foodies!

Why "You Made Me Ink"?

Why “You Made me Ink”?
The name comes from my love of puns and all things Disney ;)
The quote is from the movie Finding Nemo when the squid says “ You guys made me ink!”

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